Saturday, February 14

A Glimpse Into The Future?...Masdar City

Why is it that the countries with the oil are the ones who are taking the biggest steps toward initiating research on alternative energy and sustainable living? Abu Dhabi’s Masdar City is a 2.3-square-mile state of the art complex that should be up and running by 2016. The city will house 40,000 people working on next-generation energy technologies, and will serve as a "manifesto for sustainable living" - NO CARS (click the picture to the right to find out more), 100% RENEWABLE ENERGY, LOCAL AGRI- CULTURE, WASTE FULLY RECYCLED - AND ALL IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DESERT! Why can't a project like this be a part of the stimulus plan? It would certainly create a lot of jobs and put the US in the forefront of the green revolution - which may determine the international balance of power for generations to come. So I say, why not turn some of those wasteful golf courses in the South West into similar model cities for sustainability? Check out the promotional video below for a virtual tour - IT IS SIMPLY AMAZING! Whether or not their goals are realistic remains to be seen, but at least they have goals! (The video quality is lacking a little to be desired, but if you go to the actual site, you can find a much higher quality version)

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  1. wow. i want to live there! and the whole thing about this being the stimulus package..that's a really good idea..please suggest it to washington.