Tuesday, March 3

Hypocritical "Planet F**kers"

The two main tenets of 21st century culture could very well be an obsession with technology and environmentalism, but according to Saul Griffith of wattzon.com, a website that allows individuals to calculate their energy consumption, these two things don't exactly go hand-in-hand. Griffith has calculated that the technology addicted American consumes twice as much energy as the average American, who might not be addicted, but still has a serious habit - consuming more than 20 times more energy than individuals in some less technology obsessed countries.

And although computer makers are trying to find more environmentally friendly materials from which to build their machines, there continues to be a demand for speed. The problem is, speed requires smaller chips, and a smaller chip equals a greater demand for energy. That is why Griffith has come up with a new name for tech junkies: the "planet f**kers" (and yes, he does admit that he is one himself - as do I).

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