Sunday, March 8

Stem Cell Research Back on Track

In 2001, Bush signed an executive order limiting the use of federal resources for stem cell research to existing lines of stem cells. In other words, no new stem cells could be created, and no research could be done on new lines created by private labs, using federal money or equipment. This severely limited research over the past eight years, as experts agree that the existing lines are inferior to new lines made with new and improved techniques and equipment.

In 2006, the Senate passed a bill that would have lifted the ban on stem cell research, but it was vetoed by Bush the next day. Apparently, Bush didn't understand what most Americans do - that these stem cells are being taken from fertility clinics, where the fertilized eggs are produced in excess in petri dishes, and that most end up being thrown away. The choice is simple for most, when choosing between throwing them away or using them for research that could lead to cures for such diseases as diabetes, heart disease, Parkinsons, and many, many more.

Well, on Monday Obama will finally lift the ban, and allow for federally supported research on new lines. It's about time.

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