Saturday, February 28

Getting Old

So today I turned 26 years old - and I don't like it one bit (although, fortunately I still look better than that guy). I have reached the point in my life where there doesn't seem to be any advantage to getting older - I can already drive, buy cigarettes, buy liquor, and rent a car (and the novelty of these things has long since faded) - my age is no longer a limit to what I can or can't do. It's not that I don't like the idea of being 26 necessarily, but it gets me thinking about being 30 - and I don't like the idea of being 30, because then you're way to close to 40 - and 40 is old! (this is how my brain works)

I guess I kind of see 25 or 26 as "over the hill" of youth - it's all downhill (maybe that's not the right word, I'm not implying it will be easy) toward being an adult from here. There is also the fact that I am still at least a year away from graduate school, meaning I probably won't finish graduate school until I am 30 - and if I decide to get my PhD...good god I will be old! Then again, maybe the worry is all for nothing - I think I'm just going to count on the rapid advances in genetics to find a cure for aging, then age will be meaningless!

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