Wednesday, February 25

Talking the Talk

Well, after watching Obama's address to Congress last night, one thing is sure: he can certainly talk the talk. In fact, I can say without much hesitation that Obama is one the best (if not the best) speakers I have ever had the opportunity to hear. He comes across as smart, confident, and even funny. And not only is his delivery excellent, he makes his messages and ideas seem brilliant in their simplicity (in other words, they seem like common sense solutions).

What we will have to wait to find out, is if he can walk the walk. Though his ideas often sound so simple they can't fail, inevitably some will. Does he have alternative solutions in the wait - and when those fail, will he be able to maintain his principles when caught between rock and a hard place? I have to say I am optimistic - based on his performance so far - that he will continue saying and doing not just what is easiest, but what is best. But then again, I can often be too trusting. In the words of Bob Marley, "time will tell".

(but one thing I am sure of: no matter what he does it will be better than the last eight years! Oh yeah, and Nancy Pelosi looked like a nut!)

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