Monday, March 23

Business Cards the Green Way

Check out the most recent post on my brother-in-law's blog pomomusings:

I really like business cards. I like designing them. I like collecting them. But, what do we do with them? I normally enter the information into Address Book and toss ‘em. So when I heard about Contxts - mobile SMS business cards - I thought it was pretty cool. Contxts asks the question, “Do you really want to be that guy/gal who is handing out chopped up pieces of bleached trees?”

Well, do you?


Go ahead and try it. Text “adamwc” to 50500.

There you go. All of the important details you need. I imagine this would be particularly helpful if you are a speaker or presenter at a conference and you could just end your presentation by telling everyone to text your username to 50500. Great way to give them your information easily and not ever worry about running out of business cards. Anyway - it’s a free service, so give it a whirl and check out Contxts.

And on the topic of business cards, I will add this shameless plug:

If you decide you have to have the real thing (business cards that is), or need any other kind of graphic design - including web design - you should check out Adam's company Cleave Design to see his portfolio (or for your ease I have included links below).

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