Wednesday, March 25

Geoengineering: Controlling The Weather

I found this on The Intersection (a Discovery blog), about a new documentary called "Owning the Weather":

This is a science- and history-rich documentary about climate and weather modification–which we may well be on the verge of. There has been much quackery in this area in the past, but when it comes to combating global warming, so-called geoengineering could wind up being the real thing–and one of our few, albeit undesirable, options.

To that end I want to alert you that Owning the Weather will be premiering on April 3rd at the prestigious Full Frame Film Festival in Durham, NC–more info here.
Check out the trailer. Extremely interesting, and it really gets you thinking: do you really trust humans to control the weather, considering the fact that we still can't even predict it with accuracy? But as the trailer says,
We've always wanted to control the weather.
Now we may have to.

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