Tuesday, March 24

What Is Your Water Footprint?

From Green Inc.:

Last week, delegates from over 100 countries converged in Istanbul for the 5th World Water Forum.

Among the many topics of discussion at the week-long conference, which ended Sunday (World Water Day), was one that has been gaining steam for the last couple of years: “water neutrality.” The idea — conceptually analagous to minding one’s carbon footprint — is that companies ought to be tracking their water footprints as well.

“Water neutrality is a relatively new idea put forward by a small number of corporations to try to address their use of water,” says Peter H. Gleick, a co-founder and president of the Pacific Institute, which is working with the United Nations to develop more robust corporate reporting of water use.

There is little agreement over how water footprints should be measured.

“At its simplest, the idea is that a corporation that is trying to be water neutral will somehow compensate for the water they use in their processing — and on net, not use any excess water,” Mr. Gleick said. “That’s the theory,” he added, “but the practices are going to be more difficult.” Read more...

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